Sunday, November 13, 2011

White and Light

About two years ago I purchased three reproduction prints from Michaels to hang in my sewing room "someday". I recently decided that day had come! Since we moved into the house I just had the pictures leaning against the wall on my table (as you can see below) with the intention of hanging them on the wall above them. Since frames cost so darn much money (especially big ones) this project had been put off. Then I decided to think outside the box. A few weeks ago I purchased a cheap $5 frame from Walmart for my monogram button project (see it here). I thought... heck, it might be the right size for my pictures with their mats. Turns out it was. I booked it right back to Walmart the next day to buy 3 more.

The frames only came in black or wood so I opted for black and put my pictures in the frames. I wasn't loving it. I had originally pictured them in white frames and I guess my brain was just stuck there.

So I decided to give spray painting them a try. I laid out this drop cloth on our back patio because while I was at it, I thought I'd spray paint a few other frames I have been wanting to make white for my future gallery wall.

I decided to prime them first for added durability. Turns out painting frames takes a LOT of spray paint. I only finished the three I first set out to do and will go back to do the rest with another can or two.

These others just ended up seeing a few coats of primer.

Here they are up on the wall in their rightful place.

I like the white so much better than the black. Any thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

Looks is the gallery wall coming?

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