Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pinecone Hurricane

Pine cones can be fabulous. Check out the picture (right), found on Pinterest, originally from here, of some beautified pine cones.
Wouldn't these be adorable in Christmas colors?? You are about to find out, and in my opinion, yes they would be.

As part of our Christmas Crafting weekend - Kate and I set out to spray paint some pine cones, with the help of my niece Shelby. She had an entire box of pine cones just hanging out in her garage, apparently waiting for this day. (this woman has one of everything :-))

I chose to do pink, red, and metallic silver, since it will be a pink, red, and green Christmas this year at my house. Kate did not have any neon green spray paint, so I brought back some extra pinecones to do once I got home.

Kate did red and blue for her house - here Shelby is helping paint some blue pine cones. They also match the awesome vintage ornament wreath she made the day before.

When I got home I could not even wait for the green pine cones to put them in my hurricane and see how they turned out. Adorable! But alas, the green was needed to break up all the pink/red goodness. 

The green ones turned out so cute. They look like little trees! I think I will do some extra in all the colors and make them into ornaments. 

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Anonymous said...

I like the new look!

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