Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thrift Store Finds - November

Sadly, garage sale season has ended... I am counting down the months until they start up again in the spring. Never fear though, thrift store goodies are sometimes an even better deal and are in full swing all winter. This past weekend my sister and I (and her adorable children) hit up a few in Lansing, MI. Here are the highlights of the bounty I brought home with me.

Kate fondly refers to this as the "Rock the Casbah" mirror. I like to call it Arabian Nights. It was only $7.99 at Goodwill and had a sticky note on the back that said "Room 304" - using my excellent detective skills I have deduced it came from a hotel. That and my sister bought the exact same one the week before from the same goodwill to put in her booth. I think it will go in my master bath... I have been cooking up a scheme for what I want to do in there (hint: stripes/stenciled/chevron paint job?). So far it is untouched except for the towel bar rack I took down months ago in an attempt to get started on that room. I think I was a little ahead of myself. (Try to ignore the mess/leaf collection in the garage :-))

This A-MA-Zing chair we found at the same Goodwill for $4.99. It has beautiful lines and I just could not walk away. Even though my house is CHOCK FULL of chairs. You can always use one more right? This one has found a home in the man-cave for now.

This footstool might be my favorite find of the day... surprise... it opens up and has a secret storage compartment, and it was only $4. I am having fun imaging what I will keep in there... probably just magazines, but maybe something more exciting... like remotes. :-)

I also found a ton of sewing patterns and a few volumes of The Family Creative Workshop which I have been wanting to start a collection of. All in all it was quite a productive weekend of thrifting!

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