Friday, November 18, 2011

Vintage Ornament Wreath

This project I attribute completely to my sister, but I was there when she made it, and I had a camera, so I will blog about it. I like this project because it involves an idea we saw on Pinterest, originally from here, that we altered and made even easier. And it is absolutely adorable.

My sister has been picking up vintage ornaments at garage & rummage sales and thrift stores for quite awhile and she had amassed quite a collection. More than enough to make an awesome ornament wreath and have plenty left over!

The inspiration from this project comes from here. When we read up on how to make these wreaths it said to simply take a wire hanger, bend it out of shape into a circle, and string all the ornaments on the hanger (after hot gluing their tops on). We painstakingly glued on all the tops and Kate began stringing them on. It was taking a LOT of ornaments. Not to mention we could see the wire hanger through them.

At about this point Kate decided it was time for plan B. She whipped out this foam wreath from her closet, wrapped it in ribbon and started just hot gluing the ornaments onto it.

This actually worked a million times better. It is sturdier, lighter, used less ornaments, and overall feels less breakable. To fill in the small gaps left by putting round ornaments together, she used little vintage people ornaments and mini-ornaments (like you can find for mini trees at Hobby Lobby). I think it turned out great and will look amazing in her blue house this Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Your pictures look beautiful! Love it!

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