Monday, November 7, 2011

ORB'ed Bench

A few months ago I posted about my bench obsession. This garden bench I found at a garage sale for $5! Its ugly green and white paint job was bothering  me though (scroll to the bottom for this before shot). When I painted my front door a few weeks back, I also painted the slats on the bench.

As it turns out, red and green is even worse. Finally, I got around to painting the legs. And of course, who else would I turn to besides my good ol' friend Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

I just wrapped the seat in newspaper and secured it to the edges of the slats with painters tape. I put the bench up on 4x4's so I could get all the way to the bottom of the legs without fighting the grass. Then I just sprayed away. I would have used a more durable weather resistant spray paint (my ORB is for interior use) but the bench sits under a long overhang and does not get bothered by much weather. 

Check out the before (back in August when I bought it):

And another after:

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