Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Monogram Wreath

Last weekend I traveled up to Lansing Michigan to spend some time with my sister and her two little girls. Whenever we get together lately, mad-crafting-painting-thrifting ensues. So get ready for the next few posts to be full of Christmas crafts and thrift store finds. I thought I'd post my favorite project we did first (although they were all great). This was also the project I was most skeptical of turning out. Behold below... the monogram wreaths:

Here is how we did it (it was so unbelievably easy and fast!) My niece is modeling the wire hanger/dowel structure that serves as the base for the wreaths. For the H we used a longer piece of bamboo that I bravely sawed in half to make two even lengthed poles, then I just wrapped a wire hanger between them for the middle of the H.

For the greenery we used $6 Meijer garland that seemed fluffy enough for the job. It did not even take the whole package to cover the letter. We cut the garland into decent sized strips (in general double the length of the wire you want to cover plus a couple inches more, and that is what it takes to cover that piece of wire) and used hot glue to hold it in place. Then we just wrapped and wrapped the wire and dowels with the garland. We decided it was not enough to just have plain green garland on them, so we each picked out a bow and an ornament to add. I also put a little sprig of glittery holly on mine. We just used hot glue to attach those as well.

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Ashley F said...

Beautiful idea!

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