Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Small Change, Big Impact

I have been meaning to paint the sink cabinet in the guest bath black since July when I did a mirror/light/paint makeover in there (check out pics of that makeover here).

I can not believe I waited so long. I absolutely love the way it looks. It isn't a take your breath away kind of change, it is subtle really, but in the very best way. No more offensive wood vanity cabinet. It is shiny, black, fresh, and new. Check out the transformation:        (pardon the picture quality - there is almost zero natural light in this bathroom)

I do not have the perfect before picture to show, but I have this one where you can see a little of the wood cabinet. The picture below is actually of the master bath (which embarrassingly looks almost exactly like that still - I think it's the only room in the house we haven't done anything to yet) but the sink cabinet/vanity is the same.

First things first, I taped off the wall, floor, inside of the cabinet doors (just on the bottom shelf since the ledge I painted is nearly flush with it), and the underside of the counter. I also removed the toilet paper holder. I primed the cabinet and doors using the kind of primer with which you don't have to sand first, so I would not have to deal with sanding in that tight space. The primer is made by Zinsser - you can read more about it in my post from Tuesday.

I used the same Rustoleum Painters Touch black on the cabinet as I did for the shelves we recently built for our bedroom, and the vanity and chair I made over this past summer. This black paint is pretty amazing. It holds up really well from my experience so I was excited to use it again. I rolled on (I used a small foam roller and a small paintbrush to get the cracks and crevices) three coats total.

After 1 Coat

2 Coats

3 Coats - Done!
I also picked out new hardware for the cabinet. I tried to re-use what we had by spray painting them earlier this fall, but ultimately decided I wanted a more modern look. Check out the before, progress, and after shots below. 

The best part? The new hardware was only $1.99 each at Menards. Bonus! 
And for the big reveal....

The above are my attempts at showing the mirror and the vanity cabinet at the same time... harder than it seems! There are only so many camera angles in that bathroom.

There is only one thing left to do in there now... a new faucet! That cheap-o one in there drives me nuts. Unfortunately I don't think I can DIY my way into a new one... so I will have to break down and spend the big bucks someday. Or maybe I'll get lucky and find one in a thrift shop. Who knows!?!


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! Are you using wrapping paper as a drop cloth?

EADH said...

Yes that is wrapping paper! I am trying to reduce reuse and recycle! :-) - EADH

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