Monday, August 29, 2011

Flying off the Handle

Take a gander at my current kitchen cabinet hardware situation:

Now don't get me wrong, these aren't all bad. But they aren't good. I am ok with the shape, but the gold is yuck.
I have been pondering over what to do about them for some time now and today I decided to just start trying different spray paint on them. I can always paint over the samples I decide I don't like.

I picked out Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze and Krylon Metallic Silver to see which struck my fancy.

This picture is after a few thin and even coats of ORB (oil rubbed bronze). I want to point out too that in the picture above my spray paint can has some sort of apparatus attached to it. It is actually a spray handle my sister introduced me to that makes spray painting even easier (as if it could get any easier!). They are located in the spray paint aisle at any home improvement warehouse store. I got mine at Menard's for around $6. It basically pushes down the spray button for you to avoid cramped and painted up fingers.

Here's the metallic silver result. (I washed the hardware with soap and water first and thoroughly dried them. Who knows what kind of grease/germs/yuck were on them after 18 years.)

Once back inside attached to the cabinets...

I like the way the ORB turned out. It looks especially good with the fridge next to it like in this picture. The problem is I don't love it. I do think I would love it if the cabinets were white, and painting the cabinets white someday is my intention.

I am not such a fan of the silver. These two handles originally matched the ones in the kitchen but are actually from the bathroom vanity cabinets. I am going to paint these cabinets black sometime soon and then I think these silver handles will look perfect. Either that or I will just scrap them and put in cute glass knobs. I guess only time will tell.

What do you think of the two options? Are there any other spray paint colors I could try out before I paint all the kitchen hardware ORB?

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Anonymous said...

I vote ORB!

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