Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bright White

Finally, my coffee table has fallen into line with the decorating scheme. My intention is to keep the living room to white and brown accents with all black frames, furniture, etc. being reallocated to the bedroom or my sewing room.
When I had to decide what color to paint the living room coffee table I just could not come up with any color I really thought would look good. When in doubt, go with white! I love how bright it is. It is a bright room with the sky lights and open ceiling and the bright white coffee table looks like it belongs there.

Here is her before shot:

It was always a nice oak coffee table, but since the furniture painting bug has bitten me, no plain oak anything stands a chance in my house! So I took her into the garage and sanded her down.

I put her up on blocks and gave her a few coats of good ol' bright white paint (photo after 3 coats). This particular bright white is from Behr and is the same white I used to paint the trim in the living room.

 I love that the legs are almost like a claw footed table but without the claws. So cute. 

The full room shot. I am still working up ideas for art above the couch... any thoughts on what would look good there?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It totally reminds me of my claw footed bath tub!!! What about that table in the is begging for color!

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