Sunday, August 21, 2011

Camp Dobrewha

For the final week of my summer vacation, T.J. and I traveled north to the beautiful state of Michigan, specifically Mackinaw City, MI. And it wouldn't be a Dorrance family vacation without a little touch of creativity. This year almost everyone brought some sort of craft project for us to do as a group. The flag below was made by my sister and mom before the trip and added some personalization to our rented cabins.

My sister decided that our group t-shirts (yes we are one of those families) this year needed to say Camp _____ (insert some combination of the last names in our family here). We played around with the combos and came up with Camp Dobrewha pronounced Doe Brew Hah. And accordingly we had these adorable shirts made. 

My mom and sister made the flags to hang outside each family's cabin for the week. Here is an in progress shot.

We had many other Mackinaw and Camp Dobrewha themed projects throughout the week as seen below. More to come in the next few posts too. :-)

Kate thought up the awesome idea of making something new to hang on her wall each year. This year we all signed our names on this paddle and mom painted the bridge and "Camp Dobrewha."

These ADORABLE chairs were outside the Dippin Dots store. Maybe inspiration for what I will do on our patio?

 Many of the days were spent sipping on drinks like the one above. Complete with mint sprig's from my sister's garden seen here.

Bridge rendition by Ava & Alex. Notice the little pink car. :-)
One thing is for sure, vacation is always more fun with family, especially mine (I may be a little biased). 


Anonymous said...

Love it! When you have that much fun how can we improve upon vaca next year????

Hillary said...

Hola Lizi! You take wonderful photos and I'm glad you had fun in the mitten!

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