Thursday, August 25, 2011

Adventurous Mackinaw

One of the most exciting projects we did while in Mackinaw were personalized walking sticks for every member of the family. (see more about our awesome matching shirts here) Notice little Zachy's mini-walking stick!

T.J. headed up this project; it is something he does with guests at the park where he works. It took a bit of prep ahead of time but I think T.J. enjoyed every minute of it.

 T.J. rigged up a little clamp system and shaved down the bark on all the sticks.

We hauled them up to Mackinaw. When we got there, everyone got sanding.


Next, we sprayed them with Minwax spray polyurethane to protect them from the harsh elements they are sure to face as they guide us up and down mountainside paths. :-)

Then we got decorating. A few of us used our skills picked up in bracelet making seen here.

Todd was a little late to the game with his T-Rex hand, but finished his stick just in time for the hike. 

Todd quickly finishing 5 min before the hike.

What an absolutely beautiful week up north. Thank God for such wonderful land, weather, and family.

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Anonymous said...

So cute!!!

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