Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bridges Bags & Bracelets

Here are some more of our creative Mackinaw adventures.

My sister found big bags of embroidery ribbon dirt cheap at a few different thrift stores. Let the friendship bracelet making ensue. 

The kids came up with creative ways to hold the one end of the string down and tight. Taping it to chairs, looping it around their toes, or just plain sitting on it.

Here Shelby is getting a lesson from Kate during a hot game of Scrabble. --- Really I just wanted a reason to put pictures of this Scrabble game on here. Check out this board... it never works out this well! We are almost evenly into all four corners!

By the end of the week my neices and nephews (and myself) were quite bedecked with bracelets.

Then mom busted out these cute little tote bags for all the kids to draw on... we even bedazzled them. Because everything is better bedazzled of course.

Even Mr. T.J. got in on the action.

Here is my chevron bag and half done (once lost and now found) chevron bracelet.

Does anyone else do anything creative on their family vacations? What about traditions? We have so many that make each trip so special.

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