Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Great Outdoors

T.J. and I have been working so hard on the inside of our house we nearly forgot about the outside. On T.J.'s days off this week we (mostly T.J.) finally took some time to pay attention.

Garage Door Before & After



See all the lines on the door? No more!

Mailbox Revamp! See the mailbox progress here.

You can sort of see the old mailbox on the right side of this photo. It had a bit of lean to it.

And now:

T.J.'s creative solution to covering the entrance to our crawl space. We decided this was necessary after Lexi got her leg caught in the old cover right after we moved in. He made this "garden box" from a wood crate left here by the previous owners.

He also painted it white:

While we had the white out painting the garage door, the garden box, and the mailbox post, we painted this swing:

And while I was taking these pictures, Lexi was being adorable:


And T.J. put up our picket fence a week or so back. The dogs and I thank him profusely. 
Check out more pictures of the fence process here

Yet to come: Painting the front door & a rebuild of the arch. Check out the arch before it was attacked by a riding lawn mower and torn down:

And here is a pretty bush/tree that is blooming around the side of our house. This summer has been full of surprises as far as plants go. The previous owners did a good job picking plants that bloom at different times throughout the season.

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