Saturday, December 10, 2011

Checking Chairs off the List

I can not believe Thanksgiving was two weeks ago already! These past two weeks have been a blur of grading/watching final presentations/writing/reading/note taking, and a little bit of sleeping and eating. :-)
Anyway, I find that whenever I have people over for a party or get together I end up getting a lot of projects completed right before that, trying to get everything ready for my guests. T.J. and I had 14 people over for Thanksgiving dinner, so naturally we needed a lot of chairs. I had a couple of chair projects that had been on the back burner that moved to the top of my list. You might remember posts about them... check them out here and here.

I love the way they turned out! For the most part both projects were pretty easy, but of course took a little elbow grease :-) and a lot of getting frustrated at my "on the fritz" staple gun.

This silver chair has a twin and they will both go in my sewing room at the big desk/table I have in there. Check out the before and after below, and below that, a shot of them at my thanksgiving table!

The second set of chairs I worked on were from my living room. I got these a couple months back and recovered them almost right away. I thought the original color of the frame wasn't bad... so I left it that way for awhile. Before Thanksgiving though I wanted them to look the way I had intended from the beginning so I re-removed the cushions, primed them inside, and took them out to the garage to spray paint (note: this is dangerous without proper ventilation, I may have caused myself some brain damage).

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