Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Life for Hotel Chairs

These two hotel chairs were quite a find at Lansing, MI's Dicker n Deal store about a month back.

Check them out before:

 I had never really attempted to recover a chair with a fabric back before so this project presented me with a new challenge. Luckily I have an extremely brave sister who also purchased a match to this chair (Dicker n Deal had about 30 in stock they had gotten from a hotel sale) to recover for her Mega Mall booth. Her chair was the guinea pig and turned out beautifully, so I gave mine a try too. 

The backs were attached without visible screws so we had to dig out the wood plug to pull the back off. (The zebra fabric on the chair above is what my sister used to recover hers... check out how hers turned out here.)

Recovering the bottom of the chair was pretty simple, just like any other chair seat I have recovered before, except with a curve at the back. I had to do lots of tight pulling and a few little tucks to accomplish the smooth curve.

Check out the mess chair re-upholstery makes...

The back of the chair I ended up doing almost the same way. I had to be more careful to fold under rough edges and always stretch everything tight, but it came together in the end. Getting the backs reattached was a bit of a chore too. My trusty husband came to help.

The zebra and the print may be a bit much... so in the light of day I decided to take it down a notch with a plain colored pillow.

Lola may have found a new favorite perch. 
My ultimate plan for these chairs is to paint the arms and legs the same color as I am going to paint the foyer - Pepper Berry (the pinkish redish color in the patterned fabric I recovered the chairs in). Updates on that process hopefully soon.

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