Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ruthie's Paint Shoppe

My childhood home has always had an elaborate craft room. Since I moved out, my bedroom became a sewing  room and the spare living room became an art room where my mom taught painting classes. With nearly half the rooms in our house being taken over by my mom's love of art, it was time to expand. My mom has finally realized the dream of having a store. Ruthie's Paint Shoppe opened in beautiful downtown Vicksburg, MI last week and I was able to visit this past weekend. Check it out.



Below is the "inspiration wall," a wall of paintings my mom has done for other people which can be used to spark ideas for her students. I surely was inspired while in her store and completed the most extravagant and definitely most beautiful piece of art I have ever made... more on that project soon.


Hanging the sign... 

The classroom in the back has three long tables. Plenty of room to spread out and get creative! 


Anonymous said...

So excited to see this place! I just moved into the area nad am looking for some Art & Painting classes. What do you offer? What are your prices?

EADH said...

Hi Kathleen, thanks for your interest! Ruthie's Paint Shoppe offers classes for beginners and more advanced students usually 3 times a day - 10, 1, and 4. The price is around $10 a class. Craft supplies are also sold in store. For more information check out Ruthie's Paint Shoppe Facebook page or email Ruthie herself at

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