Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 Pink Flamingos

This year I received many "blog worthy" birthday gifts from my family. These two fabulous pink flamingos from my sister are only the beginning.

I had a hard time deciding where to put these love birds... I thought the gnome corner might be an appropriate place... put all my kitschy yard ornaments together :-).

Speaking of gnomes... on my recent visit to Boyne Mountain in Michigan I found some more gnome friends which made me smile.

Why gnomes? ...Why not? My sister gave the whole family gnomes one year for Christmas back when I was in college. T.J. and I have held onto ours (they used to live in our bedrooms in our sorority and fraternity houses) and they are now happily reunited on our fence.

They now say our last names on their watering cans but have said different things throughout the years... sometimes our first names, sometimes our greek letters.

Here is a shot of the flamingos as they look from my back door. Can hardly see them right? I have a better view from my sewing room which is definitely the more important thing.
Apparently they will be migrating flamingos as T.J. has informed me they will be moved every time he has to mow. They have already left the corner and moved more toward the middle of the yard.

While I was outside taking all kinds of pictures of plastic flamingos like a crazy lady I managed to snap this absolutely adorable one of Miss Lexi. And I will leave you with that. What a face. :-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

so cute! I love the flamingos and the gnomes!....sounds like TJ was not as impressed as you were?????

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