Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Reign of the Bronco

This past weekend two rival colleges faced off in their annual showdown. This year was different than the past five or so years because it met some important criteria for tailgating success. 1. The event was in September (instead of in November when it can snow and be nasty out). 2. The event was on a Saturday instead of a random Thursday or Tuesday. and 3. The event was in Kalamazoo where my parent's live instead of in less than pleasant, Mt. Pleasant.

This tailgate was the first my whole family had attended since 2005, although I rarely miss a Central vs. Western game. My sister and brother in-law attended Central Michigan University. My mom, dad, brother, other brother, husband, and I all attended Western Michigan University. Clearly WMU has more pull in the family but for what CMU lacks in alumni representation my sister manages to make up for in enthusiasm. Check out some of the deco and drinks of the day below.

Behold the "Mustang Cup" - a recent addition to this WMU vs. CMU madness. The family with the winning team gets to hold onto the cup until next year and proudly display it in their home.

 Our tailgate started at 9:30 AM so we had to have mimosas.
Enjoyed in my sister's wedding china no less. :-)

One of my favorite pictures of the day... my  nephews in a huddle. 

I almost forgot to say... WMU wiped the floor with CMU this year. 44 - 14. Take that Chips.


Billy said...

What a perfect day!!!

Katie said...

Boo! Fire up chips!!!! Next year the broncos are going down!!!

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