Monday, September 19, 2011

September Flea Market Finds

Yesterday my mom, sister, and I hit the flea market, and boy did we come out on top. The Mega Mall, an antique store in Lansing, Michigan where my sister has recently opened a booth, has a monthly outdoor flea market. We actually first found out about it in a Better Homes and Gardens DIY magazine. They had listed the top small flea markets in the back and one of the flea markets they had listed for Michigan happened to be only 20 minutes from my sister's house. Needless to say we were dying to check it out. This was last spring. For some reason it has taken me 6 months to get there. My sister had gone before though and has always found great junk. Here are some pictures from the big event.

Kate is clearly a pro flea market shopper, cart and all.

I haggled my way into a jar of black buttons for $4. 

 This chandelier was by far the deal of the day. They were only asking $4 for it! I did not even bother to make a lower offer. My pink chandelier I paid $10 for and I thought that was a steal!
Below: yellow bowl: $1, Light-switch covers (which I will be spray painting white very soon): $3. Vintage pink Christmas ornaments: 75 cents.

After we thoroughly scoured the outside, we ventured in to see the more permanent booths and pay my sister's booth a visit.  These pink flamingos were right inside the entrance. They remind me of the flamingos I just got for my birthday and put up in my yard just the other day. (These flamingos were priced at almost $100 dollars!)

My sister's booth is looking adorable. Tons of black and orange and all decked out for fall. I absolutely LOVE this desk. All of the furniture seen in her booth she has recovered, repurposed, repainted, and redone. Amazing work.


 This hutch is to die for with the fabric backed shelves. Take a closer look at the pumpkins on the bottom shelf. Boo spelled with buttons! So cute. 

This little beauty of a chair will be making a reappearance on my blog soon. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for the shout out!!!! Love it!

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