Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Time for a Chandelier update. My parents came down to see the house this weekend and my dad, handy with things like electricity, hung up my chandelier. And I love it. Did I mention I LOVE it? It seriously makes the room. I can't believe I have lived without a chandelier for so long. How did I do it? I also put extra bright light bulbs (a full 60 watts in each of the 6 bulbs) in to create a bright workspace for my future sewing room. 

Here was the beauty before:

I know it wasn't bad to begin with, but now...

 And all a-glow:

 Total spent on this project: $10 chandelier, $3 Very Berry Rustoleum pink spray paint, $6 light bulbs = $19. What would you pay for this fancy thing? I would have paid a lot more than 20 bucks!

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