Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vintage Fabric

While unpacking some linens in the new house I came across this bright quilt. My grandmother gave it to me quite a few years ago, and I think it is amazing. I can't believe I did not appreciate it before now. I guess there are some things that are just not appreciated until one is old enough to know what it is worth.

My grandmother's grandmother, so my great-great-grandma, pieced together this quilt before 1940. That means this fabric is all vintage from the 1930's (and possibly 20's). I can remember my grandmother telling me she had a few dresses made from pieces of this fabric when she was a little girl. I just can't get over how cool I think that is now. What I would give to have a few yards of just one of these scraps!

My grandmother finished the quilt (a.k.a. added batting and actually quilted the front and back of the quilt together) in 1997 but as the tag describes, the piecing together of the vintage fabric was done before 1940. I can only guess that 1940 was when her grandmother died... so she must have done it before then.

The pink and green triangle is one of my favorites. I can just imagine it sewn into a 1930's style dress.
This quilt is worth more to me than any store bought or new. I guess that is the beauty of things that are old. :-)

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