Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dress Gallery

Tomorrow is the big day! Our house closing is set for 3:30 tomorrow afternoon and I just do not know what to do with myself until then. I can hardly stand the wait. I have been thinking about doing a post about all the dresses I have made over the past few years but I thought, "that would be incredibly time consuming."
Well guess what, I have some time to burn here! Only 13.5 hours til closing - that should be enough time. These dresses each have a story or at least an occasion for which they were made. I will try and remember them as I go.

 These two red dresses were made for Sorority recruitment. The black and white dress matches a pair of pillows I have. Below is a fraternity formal dress and a Mrs. Claus outfit made for Halloween (my husband has a matching Santa costume I made).

 Above is a sorority formal dress and the blue is one of the first dresses I made. It has tiny cupcakes all over it and I made it to wear on my 20th birthday. The two pictures below were made for my undergraduate graduation (pink) and my graduation party later that day (yellow and orange) and yes I started making matching dresses for my dog!

Above right was the first bridesmaid dress I completed, the one my sister Kate wore in my wedding (see more wedding pictures at the bottom of this post). And below is a dress I made to wear on the 4th of July.

 I made these two dresses for my adorable nieces one summer. Below they are wearing them while visiting me in South Carolina. So cute!

 These pictures document my retro dress making phase. I started with dresses and then made aprons as well. Not sure how functional these half aprons really are...

Masters program party dress and Easter coat above. Charleston Fashion Week dress below left.

A painting smock I made my mom for Christmas and a "space" dress made for my husband's employee Christmas party. Below a robe I made for my niece.

My bachelorette party outfit (one of the first things I've made without a pattern) and Ava's 8th birthday present dress. Below, more matching with Lola on Easter.

The red dress above I made in my Apparel Construction class at Western. I was wearing it when T.J. proposed. Below a skirt and dress I made for my nieces for the new school year (2009).

The above teal dress I made for my family shower and the Hawaiian print dress below was made for my couples shower.  The white poofy dress below was my wedding reception dress.

 Above left is my Christmas outfit 2010, below right is my 22nd birthday outfit. 

Above left is the dress I wore to my Masters program graduation in Charleston. Below are pictures of the flower girl dresses I made and the ring bearer vests I made. I also made the bridesmaid dresses in the picture below that, and of course I made my wedding dress as well.

And because I can... this is one of my favorite wedding pictures, not to mention a good shot of the dress!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Lizi!! I am so impressed with how many dresses you've made!
These are fabulous!
I want one. :)

Sarah Halas

Anna said...

I love your aprons! And half aprons are useful if you (like me) wipe your hands on your legs often while cooking.

Ava said...

I love all your dresses!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$

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