Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Memory of Cinda

Sadly my Aunt Cinda passed away a couple weeks ago and her memorial was held this past Sunday. Because I am living out of boxes I did not have access to any memorial appropriate clothing. (My husband even had to wear flip flops to the service due to missing dress shoes). I decided to head to the fabric store and see if anything called to me.

Back in the Joann's red tag clearance area I spotted this beautiful black fabric that I would have never purchased if not for it reminding me of Cinda. She visited Singapore a few times in her life and the color scheme for some reason was just calling me. I had also just picked up this kimono-esque pattern.

Pattern: $1.99    Fabric: 2 yards for $6 --- No clothing store can beat this.

I have to mention the amazing pink scissors in the picture above. They are literally the best things ever. They are made by Singer and can cut through absolutely anything. The sharpest scissors I have ever used. The package says they can cut through 9 layers of denim, and I believe it (although I have not tried it... yet). The best part is, they only cost around $14, and with a 40% off coupon at Joann's I have purchased a few pairs at only $8. -- They make great gifts too, I have given 3 pairs of them for various occasions. My husband even has a pair in his tool kit.

Lola enjoyed helping me when I cut out my dress. She loves to lay right in the middle of whatever I happen to be doing on the floor.

The only alteration I made to this pattern was to add pockets. Pockets are such a chic (not to mention comfortable and functional) addition to any outfit and are so easy to make! I use this paper cut pattern I traced from Simplicity 2497 and just add it to any dress or skirt. I usually only add it if the dress has a back zipper as opposed to a side zip because it can be a bit trickier with the side zipper.

And just two days after I started this dress making process by purchasing my fabric at Joann's, here I am wearing the dress. Making sure to pose with a bit of Asian flair.

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