Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

I am spending my day doing something truly American - repurposing furniture to give it new life! Nothing like being thrifty to make me feel good about my country's roots. I bought this table two years ago when I first moved to South Carolina for $80 at a garage sale. I have yet to find a cuter table, I just love the round top and pedestal base. Here is a picture of it in my old apartment.

This is my first sanding and painting project. Up until now everything has been just spray and go. Couple coats of spray paint and voila - finished project! This was an entirely different beast. Much more patience involved and elbow grease but hopefully it will make the finished project that much more special to me. So far I am already so proud of my half done chairs:

Here are my chairs so far -- keep in mind they are in process. This is with only one coat of paint. They look quite yellow in the picture, and they are a yellowy green. Think just a little lighter than Fiestaware Lemon Grass. Glidden Spring Leaf is the exact color. More pictures to come later!

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