Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cheetah Bench

While my mom and sister were down to visit one of the first projects we tackled was this cute gray cheetah topped bench. We found this little guy at Goodwill in West Lafayette for $7.50. It was labeled as a TV stand but my sister had the ingenious idea to use it as a bench. I was looking for a bench that I could recover to put at the end of my bed. This baby works just a well! It even has a drawer (bonus) and is on casters. Everything is better on casters. The vanity we repainted, as seen here, is also on casters.

Here is his original look (after a little sanding):

 Speaking of the sanding process, my sister was a rockstar sander while she was here. After a little of this...

...she was having a good time doing this... (notice the wine glass in one hand and the sander in the other-- safety first!)

Here is an in process paint shot. I used the same gray that is in my guest bathroom, morning fog, which is featured here. It looks pretty different in the bedroom where there is plenty of natural light. 

To make the bench seat I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased 1" foam. To fit the foam to the rectangle shape of the bench I simply cut the foam and pieced it together. I whip stitched it together just in case, but because it was going to be wrapped in fabric I think it would have been fine just in pieces. 

Next I sewed a cover out of the cheetah print fabric (which I have been dying to use!) the same way I'd make a pillow. Just fold it in half and sew the three sides leaving an opening to shove the foam into. Then I just sewed up the opening from the outside. 

Looks like the fabric was made to match the paint!

I'm not quite sure what to put in that nifty drawer yet... maybe extra sheets? Also, I can't wait to paint the walls gray this weekend and post some updates! 

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Anonymous said...

okay, too funny! The wine was helpful in the sanding process! The photo albums look great in the "bench"! Katie

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