Friday, July 29, 2011

"Heavenly" Headboard

Something I have been noticing all over the internet and magazines are DIY headboards. I happen to be lacking a headboard. So why not give it a try right? Right. And it was super easy! I suggest doing it with friends if possible because for part of the project you need about 6 or 7 hands to hold it all in place. My mom, sister, and wonderful husband all helped me out with mine.

For a great tutorial on making a DIY headboard check out this site and this site. I am going to give an abbreviated version. First we measured the area behind the bed where the headboard would go. I looked at a few magazines to see how far it should stick out, how tall it should be, and what design I wanted for the top (the curves). Better Homes and Gardens DIY magazine just featured a really cute curvy one. I picked the three curves because I thought it was complicated enough to be interesting (rather than just a rectangle) but not too complicated.
To pick out the fabric we headed over to Hobby Lobby. I knew I wanted something solid because of all the pattern I have going on in the bedspread and pillows. But I also wanted it to be interesting, no plain solid is exciting enough for me! :-) My sister found this great puckered fabric we thought would be perfect. We also purchased quilt batting by the yard.

Next, my mom and I drove over to Menards and purchased a 4'x8' piece of plywood. We went with the cheap stuff because none of it will be showing and the wood will not be holding anything up. It cost about $10. We drew out our pattern (only 1/2, then flipped it so it would be symmetrical) and traced it on the plywood. Then, T.J. generously cut out our shape with a jigsaw.

Next we wrapped first the batting, then the fabric around the board and stapled it in place with a staple gun. This is the part where 7 hands are necessary. 

As you can see, the back of the headboard is not so pretty. But who cares? No one will see it. If you are the type that does care you can always staple a piece of fabric to the back as well, just don't pull it over the sides this time.

And there you have it, easy peasy headboard. Total cost = $40.  

Tomorrow we are painting the bedroom gray! Final pictures coming soon.

P.S. Does anyone get the meaning behind the name of this post? What does the puckered fabric on the headboard make you think of? I like to think it reminds me of the fabric of Belle's yellow ball gown in Beauty and the Beast... but some people think otherwise. :-)

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