Saturday, July 16, 2011

Our First House!

It is official. We are in! And the renovating/painting/decorating projects have begun! Here is a picture of our cute yellow house. And below it, the picture of us at closing. I think we were  both still shocked anyone would let us buy a house. :-)

If you can see it, the blanket has a "bought" sign on it with our realtors information. Clever closing gift!

First things first, I painted the kitchen to match my painted green table, you can see the beginning of that project here. I will put up an "after" of the table when it is finally moved into my new kitchen.

Then we hung the valence I sewed a few weeks ago. See that post here.

Notice how perfectly my color scheme matches my Fiestaware (I am proud and impressed I was able to match it!):

Then I murdered out (spray painted black) the drawer to the oven. Despite my doubts at first, it turned out pretty well. Check out what it looked like before in the picture of the kitchen painted green above. 

Up next: painting the bathroom gray, the living room yellow, and putting in a picket fence! We have our work cut out for us. :-)

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