Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Bag

Our Santa bag is bulging... I guess that means it is time to head up to my parent's house for Christmastime festivities!

That's a pretty cool Santa bag don't ya think? Functional too. My mom made these for every family a few years back. We each bring ours to her house Christmas eve full of presents for everyone else, and can pack up the gifts we receive back in our respective bags. It cuts down on chaos and missing presents.

She used her sewing machine to embroider on the family's last name on a large rectangle of red velvet fabric. Then she added faux fur trim to the open edge and sewed a simple gold rope to one side so we could wrap the rope around and close it up (as long as it isn't overflowing!). Even if you don't have a way to embroider it, it makes a great addition to our Christmas deco every year, and helps us haul our gifts to and from Christmas gatherings. Santa really had this one figured out!

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