Friday, December 16, 2011

Introducing Shades of Berry

A few weeks ago, after talking to a stranger at Joann's about her Etsy store, I was finally inspired/encouraged/brave enough to start my own Etsy store. It took me a surprising about of time and anxiety to choose a name. I wanted it to mean something to me, be unique enough for people to remember, yet not weird enough that people would not be able to spell it. Shades of Berry fit the bill. When I work in my sewing room I sometimes feel like everything in there is tinted pink. I have hot pink curtains, which when they are down and the sun is shining, literally tint everything pink, but also pink walls, a "pinkalicious" work table, and a pink chandelier. (Check out pictures of all those things here and here, and in the house tour pictures here). So needless to say, I see things in shades of pink. Don't get me wrong... I absolutely love it! It inspires me and keeps me creative and feeling bright.

I have been thinking in the back of my mind that this venture could be a complete failure - so I have waited until now to make the big announcement. Why now? Because last night I made my first sale! It was very exciting and reassuring. I went promptly to the post office this morning to mail the purchase. My first sale was a set of dinner napkins, my favorite set in fact. Bright blue pink and orange, with adorable birds on them. Here are a few of the other sets I am selling.


And some Holiday napkins.

So it is just dinner napkins and aprons for now... but more creations will be coming soon. You can check out my Etsy store by clicking on the tab above on the far right (see picture below for location) and see the items in my shop. Or click on one of the pictures above to go to that listing.

I have been thinking about opening an Etsy store for years and am happy to see this little dream come to life. Only time will tell how this story ends, but as T.J. said when I was thinking about this decision, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, Liz". :-)

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