Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chevron Coasters

My sister occasionally shares her birthday with the great food holiday, Thanksgiving. This year was one of those times. To prepare for the big day, and for her birthday, I decided to make these handpainted/stenciled coasters. (I think they would also make great Christmas presents!)

They were easy, fun, and best of all - cheap to make. But, if you are my sister and are reading this, I obviously put all my heart and soul into them - so they are quite valuable. :-). AND they are CHEVRON! Which may take the cake and trump all other attributes of the project. In fact, these are the very first chevron anything I have in my home. A few days after I gave them to my sister, I did buy a chevron shirt - you can see it in my Christmas card picture here.

Anyway, since they were so fun, easy, etc. I made myself a green set, and my sister a blue set. I picked up some plain white tile at Menards for $16 cents a pop. I bought 12 total (6 for me, 6 for my sister). I wanted them to all be different so on some I used painters tape and made stripes (easy) and chevron stripes (harder). I also used a set of Martha Stewart stencils to make a few designs that way. I used Apple Barrel green paint and Folk Art blue paint. Check it out below.

I polka-dotted some with this nifty polka-dotter.

To finish them off I foam brushed on a quick layer of Minwax polyurethane. Make sure not to rub the foam brush on them too hard here. A light layer is what you need.
Here is the one and only problem with the project - on Thanksgiving when we were trying them out for the first time, someone left their glass on one for a long time- water pooled on the coaster, and when I went to wipe it off with a cloth, some of the paint came off with it. SO - I am going to try to mod-podge over them a few more times and see how they hold up that way. I promise I will update this post when I do.

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