Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunny Flower Pot Holder

I picked up this flower pot holder last summer at Alice's thrift store in Lansing, MI for something like 3 dollars. The legs swing so they can spread out and become compact again, and I remember my sister got her finger pinched when she was carrying it for me. Your pain has finally paid off Kate - the plant holder is finally super cute, and yellow!

It did not start off so cute and yellow though. It was actually a pretty vintagey blue green before, but it blended in way too much with the gray cement and green (overgrown, weedy mess) grass behind it. See below what I mean. None of the curlicues or details showed up.

After I picked the pink and green pots and filled them with flowers and veggies it hit me that the metal plant holder needed to pop too. I decided on yellow and went with my trusty Rustoleum Warm Yellow semi-gloss which I also used on my mailbox, magazine holder, and napkin holder. (I have a lot of "holders" in my house - I wonder what these things are actually called).



I think the whole set-up adds a nice pop of color to my patio. I think I might finally be understanding why people care so much about flowers. :-) I really do enjoy getting up every morning to check on & water them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So cute! I totally forgot about the finger pinching incident! Love it!

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