Friday, June 8, 2012


Succulents seem to be trendy right now. I am into them though. They remind me of when I had a cactus as a little girl and I thought that I wouldn't be able to kill it no matter what because (I thought) it didn't need to be watered. I wish I could tell you what happened to that cactus but I have no idea. Mom... do you know?
Anyway, I have been out searching for succulents and believe it or not I had some trouble finding them. Our local Menards said they don't usually get any in until late summer. Lowe's came to the rescue though and had a whole mess of them, all really reasonably priced. I picked out 3, then narrowed it down to two. The one on the left is called "Jade" - Jade is the plant's actual name, and of course I will be talking to and about it referring to it as Jade from now on. When I was younger my brother brought home a pretty girl named Jade and I have been obsessed with the name ever since. Luckily for my future children, I now have a plant named Jade and they will be spared the name. I can't remember what the one on the right was called, but it was something I couldn't pronounce.

I used one clear bowl just to do something different and 
the set aside yellow pot from which I just transferred out another plant. 

The clear bowl succulent fits on my kitchen windowsill next to my oregano plants in IKEA glasses. I know I am breaking all the "well-draining" pot rules, but these haven't died on me yet!

I'm not sure how this birdcage will work out because most succulents require high sunlight, so Jade might break out of the cage soon.

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