Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Mustache Pillow

First of all, happy father's day dad! Second, check out this mustache pillow I made him! Third, you have to read this pretending I am saying MOO-stash instead of mustache, because that is how I said it while I made this project.

I found this project on Sew Woodsy's weekly link up. This awesome blogger makes applique things - and posts free PDF files of her patterns. So I printed this one off and gave it a go on my own. I wanted my pillow to be a little smaller than her's so I told my printer to print 2 pages on 1 page so it shrunk for me.

I debated on brown or gray for the mustache, but my dad's actual mustache is pretty gray these days, so I went with the closer-to-reality option. I still cut an extra out of brown in case I need to make one for my house too. :-)

I chose this manly red and black flannel for the pillow fabric. The whole package just reminds me of my dad. I do feel like I need to add here that my dad has a regular mustache - not a cowboy/sheriff shaped one like the one I put on the pillow.

I just pinned the piece of felt on the pillow (making sure the fabric wasn't still folded in half) and zig zag stitched around it.

Then I continued like a regular pillow - sewing around the edges leaving a space open for stuffing, then whip stitching it closed after I stuffed it.

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