Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Life Map

I have been wanting to make Map Art for a long time - since I saw this pin on Pinterest. Before I could start though I had to collect maps from 3 very important places to me - Michigan (where I was born, grew up, and met and married my husband), Charleston (where T.J. and I lived for 2 years and where we were living when we got married), and Indiana (where we live now, our first house, currently making memories, etc.). Michigan was easy - I drive by the welcome center there at least once a month. Same with Indiana - except most of the time I forget to stop there. I recently made a trip down to SC (see some pics here) but I was sleeping when we drove by the welcome center - so I had my mom stop by there. She was driving down separately about 4 hours behind us. So finally, I was ready to make my map art. I found this frame at Michaels pretty cheap - 50% off.

I made a pattern based on the pictures that come in the frame already 
and cut out each map centering the place that means something to us.

Viola! I may add a little something to mark where our house/apartment/college/childhood
 home is located, but I have not decided what yet. T.J. likes it the way it is.

The map art found a home in the guest bathroom - I had to move my awesome "Gone to Carolina" painting to a different wall. Still searching for the perfect frame for that painting...

What do you think? How many holes would your map frame need to have accommodate all the special places in your life? I wonder how many mine will need someday.

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