Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charleston Doors

My husband, parents, and I got to spend the last few days in Charleston, SC and on Folly Beach. It was a much needed visit and we had a great time. While we were walking King Street, we went into a photographer's gallery to check out some pictures - T.J. and I just got a fancy new camera so I thought it might give us some ideas. The gallery featured awesome pictures of doors and windows of Charleston houses. They were very cool and a great idea for some wall art. I set out to capture a few doors of my own. Not sure these are the coolest doors I could have found in Charleston - but they were definitely picture worthy. They will make great DIY art for sure.

I think this crooked step door is my favorite. I wonder what the story behind that crooked step really is...


These doors are so quaint, welcoming, and showcase southern hospitality. People in Charleston take such pride in their homes. It is absolutely inspiring. I love a door with a good doorknocker too... I am getting geared up for my own front door transformation soon. I feel like I have been writing about this pending front door project for months - time to get on it I guess!

One last door - I couldn't get a straight on shot of it because of a car parked right in front, but it has a strong and smart doorknocker for sure.

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Anonymous said...

Charleston is sooo classy. Your pics were a great sample of their beautiful homes.

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