Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Etsy Features

I have been slowly growing my Etsy store over the past 6 months, and while I wouldn't call it a success, I am proud to have sold a few things during that time. I started out with just a couple listings and now my store has over 50 items in it. I wanted to put a few of my new items on the blog, mostly because I am happy with how cute things have been turning out lately! I find that I really enjoy matching fabrics together and creating different combinations. Picking out the button to use on my card and passport holders is like icing on the cake. My small piece of the design pie.

I met a woman at Joann's a few months back (more like I was eavesdropping and butted in on her conversation with the cutting table lady) and she told me she has had her Etsy store for 6 years and that it has finally taken off. She said it starts off slow, but to keep working at it and not to give up. Her words still inspire me. The beauty of Etsy is its ability to give anyone the courage to start their own business and find joy in the creative side of life. Creating things often feels like it should be on the bottom of my priority list, but it brings me a sense of calm and happiness. I think that is something everyone should find time to experience no matter how hectic life outside their creative space becomes.

To check out any of the items above in more detail or to see what else is in my store click here, or click the tab on the upper right side of the screen that says "Shop - Etsy Store". Click the picture to see the items a little bit bigger.

1 comment:

Natasha said...

Your stuff is ADORABLE! I just checked out your shop. LOVE your little mum earrings too! so so cute!
Thanks so, so much for your sweet comment on my blog about my LCH post. So, so kind of you!
SO nice to meet you!

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