Monday, May 7, 2012

Window box

Our house came with this charming underused window-box right outside our bedroom window. We didn't end up doing anything with it last summer because we were still getting acclimated to our landscaping but I decided this year it was time. I filled it up with dirt and just sort of chose whatever looked good at Menards to purchase for flowers and plants. I tried to buy plants that could be in shade or part-sun because that side of the house doesn't get much sunlight.

While this may seem like a pretty boring thing to be posting about... the real reason I wanted to do this post is because I got a new camera today! I blog worthy one. I worked my tail off this semester racking up extra hours outside of teaching so I could buy a camera with my "extra" money. The window-box was my first muse. What do you think of the pics? I am still experimenting of course, there seems to be quite a learning curve with these things.

Does this one hurt your eyes?

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