Saturday, May 26, 2012

Black Side Table

A couple weeks ago I decided I needed a place to display shoes near my bed... because I love nothing more than waking up in the morning to a beautiful pair of shoes. I thought about putting some shelves up near my vanity - then it hit me that I could just use what I've already got. Free and functional! This half circle table has been in our foyer since early last fall when my sister spotted it at a junk shop for $12. It had a bit of a country chic distressed look to it, which is not really my thing anyway, so painting it black just felt right.

To begin I took the table out to the garage to smooth out some of the distressing with sandpaper. I used 100 grit.

Then I gave it a few light and even coats of Rustoleum Semi-Gloss black. I also tipped it upside down to get those spindly legs from every angle.

Don't they just sparkle more on the black??

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!! Your husband must be awesome to buy you all of that spray paint you use on your projects!

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