Monday, June 25, 2012

Camp Week

 I just survived another week of camp counseling... out in the woods and the elements and mud and dirt... you get the picture. But I love it for some reason (love, relationships, some may say God :-)). This year I ended up in the newest cabin which was nice, it still smelled like wood instead of stinky teenagers :-).

This week I will be blogging all about what I did at camp... which is surprisingly very DIY related. I was assigned to teach Fashion Design and I helped out in Jewelry Making and T-Shirt Time. I will share my adventures in each. To kick things off though I have a project I did before I left to help decorate my cabin. I whipped up these pennant flags a few days before I left. I took whatever felt I had laying around and cut them into triangles using a pattern I free-handed (on the back of a Joann's ad).


I tried to lay them out in some sort of pattern that was pleasing to the eye.

Then I took a hole punch and punched each edge at the top of the triangle. The punch wasn't strong/sharp enough to punch all the way through, but that ended up working out perfectly, it made a little half circle flap instead. I picked out thickish ribbon and strung it though each half circle - you can see the flaps on the light pink one below. 

I tried them out in my kitchen first...

And here they are in my cabin... I was a little worried the parents dropping their kids off would think I was unstable (a.k.a. pink crazy) but it must have been ok because they all left their kids!

Adventures in Jewelry Making on Wednesday, be sure to check back!

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