Monday, June 4, 2012

New Heights

The lamp on my husband's side of the bed has always given me trouble. I recently bought curtains for our master bedroom which required me to rearrange some art on his side of the bed and long story short, I needed to do something about the lamp. It was too tall for the space and the base was too big for the shade. I absolutely love the shade though. Here is the previous lamp situation: too tall, crooked shade - it did not fit right - always falling to one side!

So I went searching my house for a shorter base that could work. The one I settled on was white, which I thought blended in too much with the white nightstand, light gray walls, and gray shade. So I decided to spray paint it black. Thank goodness for spray paint. Here's the lamp situation with the white base (right height, wrong color):

I taped off the cord and stuffed the light bulb hole with paper towel to keep it free of paint.


Looking pretty good in shiny black - I used Rustoleum black gloss:

Back in the room + a glimpse of the new curtains:

Lola, showing off the new lamp:

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