Friday, June 15, 2012

Corner Garden

For Valentine's Day this year I got T.J. an indoor starter greenhouse, which he ignored for weeks and weeks until I finally got it out and did it myself (think I might still be a little bitter about this?). Anyway, I was pretty proud of how well I kept all the plants alive - except for sage and dill for some reason - I even posted about the greenhouse here if you want to check it out. After feeling inspired by my sister's garden over Memorial Day Weekend (see her garden last year here) I begged T.J. to help me create a garden space in our backyard. TJ's dad suggested the corner, and so it was settled. We got to work.

We ran over to Menards to buy all the usual gardening supplies that we (being amateur gardeners) didn't already own. Tomato cages, watering can, rabbit fence, tiny shovel, all the good stuff.

I picked out the spot and TJ got digging. 

After a couple hours the dirt was ready and I plopped in (possibly too violently) my starter plants.

Mr. Gnome keeps a watchful eye out for those darn rabbits. 

Then it was time to spruce up those tomato cages with one of my favorite color combos - lime, yellow, and pink.

After the plants were all in the ground, T.J. finished putting the rabbit fence across the front.

And there you have the corner garden. Do you think it will produce any veggies? 
I am not so convinced myself. Only time will tell.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks know those veggies will be increasing 200x over the next two they have enough room???? Remind TJ to water them for you when you are gone glamping...I mean camping!

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