Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flower Headbands

So camp week on the blog got a little derailed due to other work obligations - but it is kicking back off now and will bleed into the beginning of next week. My sister, mom, nieces, and I are traveling to the Big Apple for the 4th - so I am sure I will have lots to report about that when I return. So anyway, at camp I helped out in the jewelry making class with the very creative Miss Chelsea Nimmo - she found all these ideas online and orchestrated the whole shebang. The first day of jewelry making we made these whimsical flower headbands.

Yes, I am wearing a flower in my hair in the woods. :-)
Chelsea bought strands and stems of flowers from the craft store, felt, and bunches of headbands and hair ties for this project. If you want to make these you will also need a hot glue gun and sharp scissors to snip the stem of the flower. Read more about how to make this project with a little different twist here - or read on.

I started with a black headband, then picked out the flower I wanted to use. I clipped the stem of the flower super close to the base so it would sit flat on my headband. Next I cut out two pieces of felt (the felt can either match your hair, the flower, or the headband) about the size of the base/green part on the back of the flower.

Next, I glued one circle of felt to the base of the flower with hot glue. (Thanks goes to the lovely camper who is demonstrating the process here.)

Then I held the headband up against the first piece of felt and hot glued the second circle of felt to the first one so the headband was sandwiched in between the two felt pieces. I was careful to not get too much glue on the elastic so that it could still stretch, but I think it would be ok either way.

That's it! Super easy. Here's the jewelry making class rocking our new headbands!

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