Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bottlecap Jewelry

The second day of camp jewelry making we made these adorable bottle cap pins or rings and they were super easy!

The idea originally came from here but was revamped by Chelsea.
They sell plain (and shiny) bottlecaps at craft stores, so we didn't have to drink 10 6-packs of root beer first :-). They also sell the clear sealer stickers we used so we didn't have to mod podge or anything. If you want to make rings you will also need ring backs, and for pins, you need pin backs.

First we used a circle punch to punch a perfect circle out of a piece of scrapbook paper - some campers used magazine pictures too. I punched my circle out of a piece of cupcake scrapbook paper (below). After all the flat pieces are in the bottom of the cap, I put the sticker sealer over the top (also a perfect circle fit) so that water won't get in and ruin my paper.

After the circle sticker is on top of the paper the fun begins. Anything can be added from here using hot glue. I added an L bead... then I decided that was not enough and glittered it a little too! See below.

Here Chelsea is modeling our glittering process - mod podge first, then sprinkle on the glitter!

Finally, add the pin or ring back using hot glue to the back of the cap. Viola - if this pin doesn't describe me, I'm not sure what does!

Here are some others the campers made - I especially like the boys' heads cut out of magazines. :-)

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