Monday, July 23, 2012

Rehearsal Dinner Dress

 Wedding anniversary week seems to be bleeding into the next week... but I will wrap things up Wednesday with a final post about the ceremony and reception. So far we have covered the engagement, showers, the wedding dress(es) and what I wore this year on our two year anniversary.

I decided to post about the rehearsal dinner because I absolutely love the dress I made for this event. I knew I wanted this dress to be almost as special as the wedding dresses so I went all out. The fabric choice was inspired by the shoes and matching clutch I found at Aldo - I bought the shoes and T.J. got me the clutch for Christmas. I found the shiny light purple fabric at Joann's. I loved the way the front of the bodice had some flare without overdoing it. It was a fun one to sew too! If I remember correctly, it was a little hard to breathe in though by the end of the night. :-)

Check out the whole crew below... do you see that "gaggle" of children in the front??

 I couldn't help but share this gem... it may be the best of the rehersal photos! My little nephew took his ring bearer job very seriously! :-)

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