Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

T.J. and I volunteered to host the CGSA (Communication Graduate Student Association) Halloween Party this year. It was so much fun! Not to mention I had an excuse to get a few more projects around the house finished and was able to decorate for Halloween more than I ever had before. More than anything though I was very impressed with the costumes that showed up at my door. I tried to snap a picture of all of them. Check it out.

 These two are Toad and Mario - 
and the talented Toad was able to create these costumes the day of! 
She made her hat and added to her sweater.


This Breakfast at Tiffany's costume was one of my favorites. 
It is amazing what we can do with clothes we already own.

I could not get enough of these two adorable penguins.

T.J. and I... as usual, disagreed on what we should be this year. T.J. got this mullet wig at a wedding earlier this fall, so of course he wanted that to be part of his costume. I went with a classic... 1950's housewife. I wore a dress I made a few years ago when I was going through my vintage clothing stage.

A party isn't a party without food...

I made these witch hat cookies (from here) using Keebler striped cookies for the bottom, and a Hersey kiss for the top. It is just held together with some orange frosting. They even won the prize for scariest food (in a category of one...)!

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