Saturday, October 29, 2011

Monogrammed Pumpkin

This year I opted for the least messy pumpkin situation I could think of... a no-carve, spray paint instead, monogram! In fact, I may give up carving pumpkins all together until I have kids. Why bother? I did sort of miss eating pumpkin seeds... but I can always carve this one up if I get desperate. Here's what I did:

First, I taped off our monogram, the letter H, using painters tape. I made sure to apply pressure to the tape so all the edges would be stuck down tight to the pumpkin.

Next, I took the pumpkin outside and applied a few coats of glossy black spray paint.

Once it dried, all I had to do was peel back the tape and viola....

I took the pumpkin around the house and put it in its rightful place... the front step.

T.J. was a little thrown off by the black at first... I think next year it would be cool to get a white pumpkin and spray paint it orange, then peel off the letter and have the white showing through... that would really get people thinking about what was going on. :-) Happy Halloween...

Stay tuned for 2 more days of Halloween inspired posts!

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