Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hipster Scarf

Today I made the easiest piece of clothing I have ever made. And I love it! Last night, while I was procrastinating I came across this blog post on comeonilene.com about these easy to make circle scarves.

They just take less than 2 yards of knit fabric. I happen to have just the piece to use...

I bought this pretty pink and sparkle striped fabric years ago and it has just sat on my fabric shelf because it is too thin to make a dress out of and I could not think of what else to make out of it. Eureka. It could be an amazing scarf. And now it is.

This scarf is super easy to make, as I've been saying. All I did was measure out 67 inches (because the blog mentioned above used pieces from 60 inches to 72 inches... so I went with an in between size) and cut along one of the stripes. I was left with a big rectangle of fabric. Then I just put right sides together and sewed down the opposite side of the fold. Because this fabric is knit the ends don't fray so just one line of stitches will do it.

That is seriously all there is too it. I right sided it out again, but the seam at the back of my neck and twisted it around. Sadly I was home alone when I snapped these pictures - so they are a little MySpace profile pic-esque, but you get the point. The scarf is cute.

  It can be worn single looped as well.

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