Monday, October 3, 2011

Cabinet Revelation

I recently shared with you pictures of my whole house. The one room I am least proud of/in love with is the laundry room. It has a crazy neon orange and yellow shelf and houses our water heater, water softener, and furnace, because we have no basement to hide those items in. While I was perusing my bi-weekly email the other day I stumbled upon a laundry room that was pretty small like mine but looked amazing. The difference? Cabinets! I am now consumed with the thought that my laundry room could be amazing too. A splash of color, some crisp white cabinets with awesome knobs. These updates would change my life, let alone my attitude toward doing laundry. Here are some of the inspiration pictures (mostly from I have found, followed by the sad reality of what my laundry room looks like currently.

I love the baskets over the cabinets and how clean and crisp everything looks. I even love the green.

The picture above came with a detailed tutorial found here

Picture above from


This picture also comes from a blog with lots of before and after pictures. There is something special about the pictures that come from other blogs - the fact that I know someone else painted and updated this and did not just go out and buy a ready made laundry room makes it seem so much more accessible.


And here is the cold hard truth. Well not exactly... this picture was taken before we moved in. Here is what the laundry room really looks like on any given day. :-)

Pretty embarrassing. Luckily we have at least one good thing to work with... a decent washer and dryer. Now all we need is some elbow grease and a lucky break to find some good condition on-the-cheap cabinets. Over on Young House Love's blog they recently found 6 cabinets at The Habitat for Humanity Restore for $1 each - can I get that lucky?

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