Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting Spooky

This is the first year I have ever really decorated for Halloween. It was sort of fun and I wish I would have done it earlier in the month rather that just earlier this week. This also makes me think of how fun it is going to be to decorate the new house for Christmas... I can hardly wait! Take a gander at what I did below:

After the farmers cut down the corn in our "backyard" there were a few stray pieces left standing... well they aren't standing anymore. :-) Also... read more about my monogrammed pumpkin in yesterday's post. I brought this candle chandelier out of the bedroom and hung it in the living room for its spooky appeal.


Lots of black cob web and spiders. :-)


Spoiler alert: Pepperberry wall post coming soon....
I found this adorable spiderweb at Gordman's, a store here in Indiana that I recently discovered, for less than $10.

How all this deco got put to good use... tomorrow on Hems & Haws (Imagine that line being said as if it was an Oprah show promo...).

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