Monday, March 19, 2012

Springy Chevron Skirt

In honor of this ridiculously early springy weather, my next few posts will be all about the spring time changes around the Hall's house. First, I have been looking at quite a few fashion blogs lately (like this one, this one, and this one) which I think are fun. Maybe because they focus on people (voyeuristic much?) instead of objects and design projects like all the DIY blogs I love. So today and Wednesday's posts are part DIY + part fashion blogging - or at least my attempt at it. I had to drag T.J. around our yard to take pictures of me.

Both of the skirts in the picture above I recently sewed for my spring wardrobe - I will give details on the second skirt in Wednesday's post.

Like most of the blogging world, I am obsessed with chevron. And when chevron is pink, it is beyond obsession. Check out my Christmas card photo for example - I am a festive and traditional girl when it comes to decking out for Christmas, but this year because I found a pink chevron shirt on black Friday - the chevron shirt made its way onto our Christmas cards.

Joann's has been pretty slow on the chevron trend but finally got in some nearly-chevron fabric a couple months ago. It may have been a mistake - but I found a bolt of a springy orange and pink chevron-esque fabric on the red tag shelf and decided I could wait no more, I was going to take the plunge and sew myself something chevron. I don't remember exactly what I paid for the fabric - but it had to be less than $10 all together. Half off red tag at Joann's is the best. I absolutely love how this skirt turned out, and clearly love the fabric (notice a zoomed in shot of this skirt is the background for the header of the blog).


I used McCall's pattern 5856 to make the skirt - and have actually used the pattern twice before to make a blue striped skirt and a brown and coral floral skirt. I find the pleating very flattering. It is great when you finally find a pattern you love - you can make it over and over again and no one knows the skirts are the same. In progress shots below.

Here are more pics from our photo shoot:

See where this indoor greenhouse started here.

More about these earrings here.

I am ready for Spring!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about making this skirt (5856) and your blog photos have convinced me to go ahead - it really looks cute on you and I love how you coordinated your accessories - darling!


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